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Little Else

Little Else Book

Paperback £16.00

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“Little Else” is a little girl of four and a half years old. She lives with her mummy and daddy and her year old brother whom she calls “Baby”. This is life through “Little Else’s” eyes. Her wisdom, her sayings and her take on life. “Little Else” was created and drawn by award winning artist Mike Payne who is also the creator and original artist of the grey, blue nosed bear “Tatty Teddy”. There were times in Mike’s life when he seemed to do illustration, drawing, cartooning and little else. The more Mike thought about it, it was clear that “Little Else” was a character in her own right. Welcome to the world of “Little Else”…


Little Else is a beautifully illustrated book of poignant, funny and wise cartoons. The character is a little girl who you wish you could hug. Some of the cartoons made me laugh, some made me think, some made me cry, and all of them made me smile. They are so much more than just illustrative cartoons.
It is the perfect gift for anyone at any age.

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This book of cartoons and commentary is spot on in its views of our world right now. Little Else hugging her teddy is an indelible image of childish innocence. Mike Payne’s commentary strikes to the heart of our concerns. His is the eye of the sage. His cartoons both made me chuckle and often brought tears. He is the British Charles Schultz. Enjoy this book. Keep it on your coffee table to share with friends.

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