How to…

? How to

…Draw cartoons:
Cartooning is fun. Through cartooning, people, and particularly children, can express themselves freely and without inhibitions. There are very few rules. The drawing itself is fun. It gives fun to family and friends to see what has been achieved and if the end result turns out to be a bit “funny” – Great! That’s what it’s supposed to be.
I have devised a simple formula which is easy to remember and this enables anyone to start drawing cartoons straight away. It also builds confidence and interest in the art of cartooning. I have called the formula “The Fourteen C’s”

The Fourteen C’s

O.K. so what’s needed as far as tools of the trade are concerned if you are wanting to draw a cartoon? Simple really – a pad of good smooth white paper.
There are many drawing pads of differing paper, different thicknesses and finishes but all you have to do is find the right one for you. You might initially want to draw a cartoon in ink and use a black/ grey or colour wash over it. In this case I would recommend a good smooth watercolour paper. The pen is really important for it sets the type of cartoon you are drawing and by experimenting you will find the right one for you, whether it is a black felt tip marker pen or a pen with nib and ink. I personally use a Sharpie Permanent Marker, fine point for a lot of my work.
All that’s needed is a little imagination and the confidence to put pen to paper. If it’s you first time you have sat down and wanted to draw a cartoon DON’T PANIC! It’s a lot easier than you think and like anything in life, the more you practice the better you will become. You can even make a cartoon face out of the word “CARTOONING”.

Cartooning Image

You may not realise it but you already have a style! A little like your signature, it will differ from someone else signing exactly the same name. You might not like your cartoon when you have finished it…but don’t worry, it’s not important that you don’t like your cartoon if other people do like it!
You set the rules when you draw. If you make a mistake only you know this and you can easily turn it to your advantage. Incorporate the mistake into your drawing /cartoon and pretty soon you will be glad your pen “slipped!”. Personally I don’t like to do a draft of a cartoon before doing the finished artwork. I feel when you are essentially copying your draft it loses some of the magic, the vibrancy and the energy of the first drawing. This is why I just “go for it” when I draw a cartoon and have confidence in myself that it will turn out alright.

Just go for it!

I hope to add shortly to my Studio’s website other videos which show how to take your cartooning further in order to draw for both profit and pleasure.
The best feeling in the world is when someone looks at your cartoon and says to you… “Could I have that?” It is such a compliment when anyone likes your work enough to want a copy of it for themselves.
Have fun cartooning…It’s what it’s all about!